Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I know if I’m in the right role?
    • You will feel motivated and fulfilled when you’re working in the role.
  2. Why do we fill roles and not take on jobs?
    • we all have a role to fill, and we serve a purpose. In order to achieve the respective purpose, we have to undertake certain tasks. Each task completed is a job done.
  3. How will I know what my transferable skills and strengths are?
    • You need to conduct a self-audit. You could talk to us on enquiries@discover-your-talent to schedule¬†an appointment, or conduct a self-assessment¬†here. You first consultation appointment is free-of-charge.
  4. So I know my transferable skills and strengths, as well as the industry I want to be in, how do I link all three together?
    • Your consultant at Discover-Your-Talent will work with you to map out an action plan suited to your needs.
  5. How would I know if my resume works for me?
    • Let us review your resume for you. Ideally your resume should not be more than 2 pages, and should comprise your achievements.
  6. Why is my personal branding so important in my career development?
    • Your personal branding will affect the way your potential employers and your targeted audience perceive your presence and remember you with.