is a career development consultancy specialising in supporting :

  • aspiring young talents,
  • individuals going through Career Transitions
  • individuals who want to find out “what is next” on their career development path through Career Re-Invention or Career Re-definition

We want to help you realize your talent. We want to inspire your dreams.

We want you to find fulfilment in a career that most suits your life circumstances and passion!


Discover Your Talent! offers a range of career development workshops specially customised and designed to support you in your career development. Some of the workshops we’ve conducted would include:

  • Career Branding,
  • Ace the Interview,
  • Linked-in, Linked-up!
  • Effectiveness at Networking
  • Social Networking Etiquettes and your Career
  • The Winning Resume
  • Job Hunting : the hidden and un-hidden opportunities
  • The Career Launchpad into Financial Services Industry

We customize all our workshops to suit your specific requirements. Whether you are an individual. Or whether you are the career services team of an education institution. Or whether you are an employer looking to support your employees’ with career development paths within your organisations. Perhaps you’re a group of individuals looking to return to the workforce after a long break.

One-to One and Group Career Consultation

We work closely with individuals on a one-to-one basis to help them develop an action plan according to their individual needs.

We support university career centers to help them build a functional career service platform, and to provide their students with career development training services.

One-to-One Resume Critique

Let us assist you in crafting that winning resume!

Employer Networking Events

Outsource your campus outreach logistics and planning to us! We will be happy to take the load off your team whilst you focus on strategic internal issues, as we liaise and coordinate with all stakeholders to ensure that your campus talent acquisition initiative is successfully executed!

Cultural Integration Coaching and Training

You’re setting up a business in a new market, you’re expanding your business in a new market, you’re relocating to a new market. You’d like to know how to integrate socially and culturally into your new market. Let us assist you with your cultural integration and market penetration.

Career Re-definition / Career Re-invention

You want to feel the OOMPH in your career again and be passionate about what you do!

Entrepreneur Coaching

You have a great business idea and want to take it further to make it real. Let us help you and map your path with you.

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