The Migrant Crisis and your career

The migrant crisis in Europe is a humanitarian showcase for all to start thinking about the kind of person we have let ourselves become. Seeing the photo of little Aylan lying face down on a beach, sends shivers down my spine. The toddler deserved better.

In the midst of all these humanitarian crisis, some of us are busy looking for a new job. Worrying about the new salary. Is it going to be as much as the last one? Will I be as high-flying as the last one. Looking at Aylan, it made me think harder – everything is transcient. Everything can be lost in just a moment.

Perhaps its time to rethink our job-search strategy. What kind of world do I want to live in? How am I contributing towards the kind of world I would like to live in? What can I do to make the world we live in sustainable?

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean that my resume suffers. After all, I am doing something meaningful, through contributing my skills. How can something constructive be destructive to my resume?

There are many organisations who would require my skills, but cannot afford them on a commercial basis. Its time to explore them. Its time to collaborate. Its time to develop a sustainable world based on humanity.

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