What colour best describes you?

Of all interviews I’ve been through, this is one question that has always stuck to my mind. The lady who interviewed me asked, “what color best describes you?” I’ve been prepared for questions like, “tell us about yourself”, “why do you think you’re suitable for this role”, “what are your career plans”…but this question just threw me off my chair (it was a video-conference interview, hence I was indeed sitting on a chair).

I thought hard. What colour. I believe I’m a red – fiery and gregarious. I also feel like a sky blue – soft, light, soothing. I’m green too – always looking towards growth and new opportunities. I’m a purple – an eclectic mix of tones, creative and resourceful. In short. I’m not just one colour. What will my response be to that question?

I answered slowly as I formulated my supporting speech at the same time, “I’m a rainbow!” Perhaps my lady interview had not anticipated that answer, as she looked surprised for a moment, before proceeding to ask the well-anticipated question, “why do you say that?”

Carefully, I chose my words. The rainbow is colorful, like my personality. I can be courageous, yet shy. I am experimental, yet cautious. I’m bold, yet respectful. Its because of this amalgamation of colours that I’m able to achieve what I have attained thus far, and developed that personality that I’m confidently comfortable with. “And who I think fits well with your team!” I simply had to add that last statement.

The lady interview smiled. I was offered the job. I’ve convinced the lady as well as myself that I’m indeed a rainbow.

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