Do you believe in Unicorns?

My acquaintance with my unicorn was brokered through my children.

My 3-year old asked me, “Mummy, do you believe in Unicorns?” while I was reading to her and her elder sister one day, in 2008. I paused to think. Instead of my usual hasty answer that it’s just a fictitious creature from our imagination, I pondered about Unicorns.

The Unicorn. What is it symbolic of? I thought about the time when I made a bold decision to embark upon career transition to devote more time to my children. I thought about the moments where I’d not know what is to come, but I know that I will face whatever will come with courage and positive thoughts that will guide me through the darkest paths.

The Unicorn. Is confident. Is courageous. Is creative. Is adventurous. Is unconventional. The Unicorn is the result of our imagination. The Unicorn gives us the reason to be different.

Finding my unicorn has empowered me to appreciate and believe in myself. It was time to re-assess myself, and to re-examine all avenues in my life that consumed my time and energy. Life is too short to be spent on matters that didn’t matter to me at all!

I compiled a list of my values and beliefs. Then I evaluated my passion my strengths and my skills. Finally I charted my experiences and the paths I’ve taken. I thought about where I was (at 2008) and where I’d like to be. With myself, and with my children, and with people who mattered around me. I construed a path I’d like to be taking from then on, taking into account of my priorities, and my personal goals.

Many deviations and slight detours have happened on this path since I started walking on it. Many obstacles have also made it necessary for me change my path’s direction slightly. 6 years along, I’m still finding fulfillment, contentment, and encouragement in every undertaking that I’ve made on this new path. Challenges are my opportunities. Weaknesses are my new strengths.

Once unleashed, my unicorn is relentless. It pushed me to the limits of my resourcefulness and imaginations. It brought out of me strengths and traits I’d never dreamed that I’d have possessed. It also bestowed upon me foresight, and the ability to contemplate things in unconventional perspectives thus enabling me to create opportunities for myself, and for the clients I coach, in many refreshing ways.

Likewise, your unicorn will urge you on in your professional challenges, your unicorn will inspire you to view your pursuits creatively, your unicorn will ride with you through your adventures.

I believe in Unicorns.

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