A New Year, A New Beginning?

With the countdown on New Year’s Eve, we’re always filled with the excitement and hopes for the new year. What it brings us. The new adventures that await us. It is as if, with each year, we renew ourselves, we replenish our motivation, we recreate our dreams.

The New Year is always a good start. It is clean. It is clear. It is powerful. And it is resolute. Whatever we could not achieve last year, we will attempt it in the New Year. This time with the ammunition of new energy, new strategy, new plan!

How many of us have thought last year that our life needs a change. Our careers need a change. The way we live needs a change.

If yes, what have we done to achieve these goals? We’re now in the second week of the year, how far are we in bringing us closer to what we’d tried to achieve last year?

In fact, a new year is a metaphor of a new beginning. The surge in hope and energy levels is intangible, and is purely esoteric. Nevertheless, I feel we should still let this wave of optimism that comes around every year, especially during the first two weeks of the new year, and possibly all the way into the second month of the new year, to focus our energy, our intentions, our goals.

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